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How Do Poly Flex Vibration Minimizing Mounts Minimise Engine Vibration?

Poly Flex Group PTY LTD is an Australian company and since commencing in 1981, has continued to expand both in product range and areas of export. Poly Flex proudly designs and manufactures vibration minimizing mounts, flexible disc couplings, steel shaft couplings, and flywheel damper plates.

Poly Flex is an experienced worldwide supplier in Brisbane, Australia. All our vibration minimizing mounts are designed and manufactured in-house. With a strong focus on customer service Poly Flex is well versed in the proper installation and maintenance of our vibration minimizing mounts.

When maintaining a vessel, one of the most overlooked components is the vibration minimizing mounts. While they may not be anything glamorous, this component plays an important role in the engine room. Vibration minimizing mounts are the connection between the engine’s power and the vessel’s hull, making it crucial they are strong and well-designed.

Poly Flex’s high quality, durable and robust true propulsion vibration minimizing mounts have controlled thrust and lateral deflection under propulsion load and inertia due to sea conditions. Poly Flex analyses the engine set-up or equipment to be mounted and tailors the vibration minimizing mount and core durometer to determine the maximum levels of vibration and durability they can withstand. This way, we can establish how the vibration minimizing mount will perform before installation.

Vibration Minimizing Mounts Minimise Engine Vibration

As worldwide vibration-minimizing mount suppliers, we pride ourselves on knowing how our isolation mounting systems will perform in all applications. Our one-of-a-kind testing machine allows us to generate graphs accurately and determine the overall weight our vibration-minimizing mounts can handle. All our vibration-minimizing mounts are tested regularly to ensure DNV-type approval is achieved, and every newly designed and manufactured isolation mounting system is tested before becoming available to the public.

Poly Flex vibration minimizing mounts have countless benefits making them a trusted and reliable isolation system. All vibration-minimizing mount systems are fail-safe/captured designs made from a lightweight engineering heat-cured polymer alloy that will not rust. They can handle shock on impact due to a 400% stretch factor in the base material. There is no electrolysis between aluminium and steel structures, and our vibration-minimizing mounts will hold the same weight inverted. Poly Flex vibration isolation cores can be replaced easily when needed without replacing the whole mounting system. They are resistant to oil and diesel, all parts are available for replacement, and due to our vibration-minimizing mount cores having a 360-degree design, thrust can be controlled in all directions.

All Poly Flex vibration minimizing mounts are proudly designed, manufactured, and tested in-house. This means nothing but Australian made quality and performance that is second to none is leaving the factory floor.For more information regarding Poly Flex vibration minimizing mounts, click here, including our core replacement and engine mount assembly procedure. For all enquiries regarding isolation mounting systems, contact us today.