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Portable sea trials data acquisition system

TrialsApp is designed to allow accurate data to be collected very easily during sea trials. Once the system is setup (about 5 – 25 minutes depending on how many sensors you are using), it is very easy to start / stop recording data. It is designed to replace manual sea trials data sheets that have traditionally been handwritten during trials. It enhances the traditional trials in a number of ways:

  • Data is averaged for the duration of the recording giving more accurate speed and orientation data
  • Vibration and noise data can be collected using up to 3 wireless sensors in different locations
  • Measuring shaft speed using 2 optical rpm sensors, GPS for boat speed and 3 axis gyroscopes for measuring vessel running, heel angles and turning circles
  • PDF reports are generated automatically when every recording is ended, as well as a summary pdf.
  • Most of the raw data is also saved to allow the user to carry out a detailed analysis of the data
  • All data recorded and photos taken will be put into a report and email for your records.


The TrialsApp collects data from vibrations detected and can help diagnose vibration failure points, allowing maintenance professionals to proactively address performance issues before equipment fails.

Vibration Analysis Testing Machines have the ability to predict potential failures, making them a useful tool, ultimately saving money by:

  • Reducing unplanned downtime and scheduling work within the organisation’s maintenance plans.
  • Boosting product quality through equipment operating at designed performance levels.
  • Eliminating wasted production costs while unplanned repairs are made.
  • Delivering products on time with reliable equipment.

Vibration Analysis is one of the most versatile tools in predictive maintenance programs. Some benefits of using a Vibration Analysis Testing Machine to help you with data collection are:

  • Vibration Analysis has a long history with a proven track record for reliability.
  • The potential for failure can be readily identified.
  • Data can be collected by anyone at any time.

Poly Flex TrialsApp can help diagnose vibration problems before they cause damage, allowing boat owners/organisations to replace problematic parts with specialised polyurethane marine products designed to perform to spec. Early diagnosis and preventative maintenance will keep your vessel fully operational with minimum downtime.

Enquire today to find out how Poly Flex can help keep your equipment operating at its designed performance levels.

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