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Portable sea trials data acquisition system

TrialsApp is designed to allow accurate data to be collected very easily during sea trials. Once the system is setup (about 5 – 25 minutes depending on how many sensors you are using), it is very easy to start / stop recording data. It is designed to replace manual sea trials data sheets that have traditionally been handwritten during trials. It enhances the traditional trials in a number of ways:

  • Data is averaged for the duration of the recording giving more accurate speed and orientation data
  • Vibration and noise data can be collected using up to 3 wireless sensors in different locations
  • Measuring shaft speed using 2 optical rpm sensors, GPS for boat speed and 3 axis gyroscopes for measuring vessel running, heel angles and turning circles
  • PDF reports are generated automatically when every recording is ended, as well as a summary pdf.
  • Most of the raw data is also saved to allow the user to carry out a detailed analysis of the data
  • All data recorded and photos taken will be put into a report and email for your records.