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What Are Polyurethane Elastomer Plates?

Flexible disc couplings, also known as polyurethane elastomer plates, provide a damper between the gearbox and the output flange, isolating torsional vibration and reducing the shock of forward and reverse gear changes.

How Can I Reduce Gear Noise?

Damper drive plates, also known as gear noise reduction plates, are an out-of-sight, little known and sometimes misunderstood integral part of the drive train that could ruin your day if not maintained correctly. Located in the bell housing between the engine and transmission, the gear noise reduction plate is usually bolted on the transmission.

Do Replacement Mounts For My Generator Reduce Vibration?

P#8.5F90-12-16(60) Gen Mount, Perfect Replacement Mounts For Generators

Poly Flex Group PTY LTD is an Australian company operating since 1981. We take pride in being Australian owned and operated, and over the years, we have expanded our product range and export capabilities.

Can Poly Flex Manufacture Custom Engine Mounts?

Custom Engine Mounts Using CNC Machining Available Through Poy Flex

Poly Flex Group PTY LTD is an Australian company and, since commencing in 1981, has continued to expand both in product range and export areas. Poly Flex proudly designs and manufactures polyurethane engine mounts, including custom engine mounts.

Can You Replace Engine Mounts Yourself?

Order your engine mount replacements through Poly Flex

When maintaining a vessel, one of the most overlooked components is the engine mounting system. While polyurethane engine mounts may not be glamorous, this component plays a vital role in the engine room. Polyurethane engine mounts connect the engine’s power and the vessel’s hull, making it crucial to have a robust and well-designed engine mounting system.