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Industrial Drive Plates, Steel Couplings And Adaptor Plates.

Custom Adapter Plate

Poly Flex’s range of vibration control products are utilised throughout multiple industries for a large amount of machinery. They are a fundamental component that keeps machinery working efficiently by absorbing noise and vibrations transmitted by the mechanical component. In the industrial realm, Specialists in producing drive plates, adaptor plates and steel couplings, Poly Flex does a large amount of custom work, refitting older machinery drive train components that are no longer available.

Below are a few previous jobs featuring adaptor plates, drive plates and steel couplings, designed and manufactured in-house by the team helping multiple companies get back to doing what they do best quickly:

A custom polyurethane elastomer plate was manufactured to replace the universal joint on a T270 Allison transmission drive shaft powering a bus. Once we received the drive train sample, the team took one week to design and manufacture the plate.

Adapter Plate

A custom polyurethane elastomer plate manufactured to suit a DEMAG 3-ton gantry crane, produced in three working days.

Adapter Plate

An industrial drive plate re-kitted for a 1940’s LD loader tractor, manufactured in one week.

Adapter Plate

Parallel clamp steel half couplings designed and manufactured in-house for a company selling PTO clutch units. These couplings eliminate the use of an adaptor plate as the bolt patterns suit Hardy Spicer flanges. These were designed and manufactured within two weeks and are commonly stocked on the shelf for quick dispatch.

Adapter Plate

A custom adaptor plate using the original front spline plate and modifying it to suit a standard flexible and custom backing plate manufactured for a Detroit engine running a woodcutter. This was produced in four working days as the customer couldn’t continue work until his machine was fixed.

Adapter Plate

Poly Flex, a leading manufacturer and supplier located in Brisbane, supplies and distributes Australian-made vibration control products for a plethora of industries. 

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