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How Do You Determine The Correct Half Coupling For Your Application?

Parallel clamp steel half coupling

Quality controls play a pivotal role in daily operations at Poly Flex. We take great pride in our ability to design and produce a wide spectrum of products, incorporating our CNC Machining for all our internally designed and manufactured products, including our extensive range of steel half couplings.

Poly Flex Half Couplings 

Poly Flex Half Couplings are a steel mating component used between the gearbox and output shaft designed to transmit power from the drive train to a driven shaft. Poly Flex manufactures a wide variety of half couplings designed to suit multiple applications depending on the shaft setup, including a parallel clamp steel coupling, a pilot steel coupling, and a taper lock steel coupling.

Parallel Clamp Coupling

Firstly, a parallel clamp coupling is our most popular and commonly used steel half coupling. A parallel clamp steel half coupling is used in straight shaft applications. It allows the customer to tighten the coupling onto the shaft using socket head cap screws going through the body of it. In smaller horsepower applications, a keyway or grub screw may not be necessary. Poly Flex constantly carries stock of four-inch to six-inch parallel clamp couplings to suit popular or common gearboxes. However, we also carry blank flange custom parallel clamps for applications that aren’t common.

Pilot Bored Coupling

A pilot bored steel half coupling.

Secondly, Poly Flex manufactures a pilot bored coupling, the most widely recognised half coupling. A pilot-bored steel half coupling is commonly utilised in tapered shaft applications. However, it can also be used with straight shafts. These couplings commonly have a keyway or grub screw installed to stop the shaft from slipping. Poly Flex has a wide range of standard stock and regularly manufactures custom pilot bored steel half couplings to suit the customer’s application.

Taper Lock Coupling

Lastly, a taper lock coupling is used in tight, hard-to-reach straight shaft applications. A taper lock steel half coupling uses four socket head cap screws found on top of the coupling to tighten the coupling onto the shaft, usually without a keyway or grub screw. These couplings are used in lower horsepower applications, with a common stock of four-inch and five-inch couplings on our shelf. Poly Flex also carries blank flange options for custom Manufacturing.

How Keyway Cutting And Shaft Machining Are Used In The Production Of Half Couplings:

At Poly Flex, all our shaft machining and keyway cutting procedures are done on the JFMT Ji-460 lathe. We consistently monitor and inspect this lathe, ensuring that all half couplings leaving our factory meet our second-to-none expectations. All half couplings are precision bored with an H7 Morse taper shank reamer, attaining superior accuracy in hole diameter. All half couplings are clocked prior to shaft machining and keyway cutting and checked after machining for accuracy.

Poly Flex proudly designs and manufactures all our steel half couplings allowing them to be easily modified to suit a customer’s application. 

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