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Why Poly Flex Shaft Couplings Are Better

Poly Flex Shaft Couplings

Poly Flex steel shaft couplings are designed and manufactured in our facility. They are a CNC designed steel flange mating component connecting the gearbox and output shaft, with or without a flexible gearbox coupling.

All metal components are plated in SA5 cobalt zinc for enhanced corrosion resistance for base metal compared to traditional zinc plating of the same thickness. By electroplating zinc and cobalt together, the result is a uniform ductility that can withstand up to six times the corrosion resistance of conventional zinc plating.

Poly Flex proudly designs and manufactures steel shaft flange couplings in three variations. A solid steel shaft coupling, a parallel clamp steel shaft coupling, and a taper lock steel shaft coupling.

A solid steel shaft coupling is commonly used in tapered shaft applications. Poly Flex manufactures standard sizes in four-inch to six-inch flanges, however we regularly custom CNC machine solid steel shaft couplings to suit customer applications.

A parallel clamp steel shaft coupling is for straight/parallel shaft applications; they are not used with tapered shaft applications. A parallel clamp steel shaft coupling allows customers to tighten the shaft coupling onto the shaft. In some smaller horsepower applications, a keyway isn’t necessary. Poly Flex carries standard stock of four-inch to six-inch parallel clamp steel shaft couplings ready for shaft machining. We also carry blank shaft couplings for custom applications to suit a customer.

A taper lock steel shaft coupling is for tight, hard to reach straight shaft applications. A taper lock steel shaft coupling uses four socket head cap screws on top to tighten the shaft coupling to the shaft. Poly Flex carries standard stock in four-inch to five-inch flanges and has blank flange taper lock steel shaft couplings for custom applications. The taper lock steel shaft coupling coupled with a flexible gearbox coupling is the direct replacement for some Vetus flexible gearbox couplings.

Poly Flex uses coupling cross reference and transmission cross reference sheets to determine the appropriate steel shaft coupling for a customer’s application. With over 40 years of knowledge, these cross reference sheets have been comprised to help customers narrow down what steel shaft coupling is suitable for their gearbox.

Poly Flex are experienced worldwide shaft coupling suppliers in Brisbane, Australia. Our shaft couplings are designed and manufactured in-house and can be modified to suit customer applications. Poly Flex offers shaft machining, keyway cutting, and grub screws with all steel shaft couplings. Along with our steel shaft couplings, Poly Flex has a wide range of flexible gearbox couplings and engine mounting systems.
For more information regarding our CNC machined shaft couplings, please click here. Alternatively, please contact us today for all your manufacturing requirements.