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How are Poly Flex Polyester Elastomer Fail Safe Couplings Safe?

Poly Flex Polyester Elastomer Fail Safe Couplings

Poly Flex is an Australian company and since commencing in 1981 has continued to expand both in product range and areas of export. Poly Flex designs and manufactures fail safe engine mounting systems, fail safe flexible gearbox couplings and steel shaft couplings which are all available with DNV Type Approval. Det Norske Veritas (DNV) is a Norwegian based classification society that is a respected leader in manufacturing procedures and standards that is accepted by class approval societies and approving bodies worldwide.

Poly Flex fail safe flexible gearbox couplings are designed to act as a dampener between gearbox and driveshaft while maintaining strength, rigidity, and performance. We have over 300 flexible gearbox coupling models ranging from 10 horsepower to 2500 horsepower and are continually expanding our range to meet customer requirements.

Poly Flex fail safe flexible gearbox couplings are designed and manufactured to be strong enough to handle and control the torque rating loads output by the engine/gearbox during normal operation but at the same time be able to shear at a designed point to protect both engine and gearbox in the event of running aground or knotting rope around the propeller shaft.

Resilient mounting systems are necessary to reduce the transmission of vibration developed from an engine to the vessel or equipment. Poly Flex has over 1600 (10Kg – 2000Kg per mounting system) fail safe mounting systems that cater for Marine, Defence, Agricultural, Mining, Industrial And Commercial applications. Our Polyester Elastomer products are moulded from heat cured polymer alloys which are long lasting and oil and fuel resistant. Poly Flex has a selection of core hardness to meet any customer requirements in the industries whether it be light or heavy duty.

Poly Flex fail safe mounting systems are a safer, more durable option and environmentally friendly. These mounting systems have a rebound washer acting as a fail safe in the event of a capsize preventing the engine from tearing from the anchor point. The innovation of an interchangeable core system limits the need to replace the whole unit making them more environmentally friendly.  Poly Flex fail safe mounting systems have a 360 degree core design and can handle shock upon impact due to a 400% stretch factor in the polyester elastomer base material.

Poly Flex’s ability to respond quickly to customer requirements together with our extensive polyester elastomer product range has created the worldwide distribution network it has today. We target excellence in product design and development in which we are continually expanding our product range and growing our company. With over 40 years of knowledge, we strive to give the customer a solution for any application.

For more information regarding our fail safe polyester elastomer product range, please click here. Alternatively, contact us today for all your coupling and engine mount requirements.