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What Is An Engine Mounting System For Boats?

Engine mounts for boats are one of the most overlooked components when maintaining a vessel. While they may not be glamorous, this component plays an important role in the engine room. Engine mounts for boats are the connection between the engine’s power and the vessel’s hull, making it crucial they are strong and well-designed. Poly Flex’s high-quality, durable and robust true propulsion engine mounts have controlled thrust and lateral deflection under propulsion load and inertia due to sea conditions. Poly Flex analyses the engine set-up or equipment to be mounted and tailors the engine mount and core durometer to determine the maximum levels of vibration and durability they can withstand. This way, we can establish how the engine mounting system for boats will perform before installation.

Engine mounting system for boats

Poly Flex’s engine mounting systems for boats have countless benefits making them a trusted and reliable isolation system. All engine mounting systems are fail-safe/captured designs made from a lightweight engineering heat-cured polymer alloy that will not rust. They can handle shock on impact due to a 400% stretch factor in the base material. There is no electrolysis between aluminium and steel structures, and our engine mounts for boats will hold the same weight inverted. Poly Flex vibration isolation cores can be replaced easily when needed without replacing the whole mounting system. They are resistant to oil and diesel, all parts are available for replacement, and due to our vibration-minimizing mount cores having a 360-degree design, thrust can be controlled in all directions. All the metal components of Poly Flex mounting systems for boats are protected with a cobalt zinc coating. A few characteristics of the cobalt zinc coating process include enhanced corrosion resistance for the base metal compared to traditional zinc plating of the same thickness. Additionally, brighter lustre is produced when the cobalt zinc coating is applied. Electroplating cobalt zinc to the metal results in a uniform ductility that will be able to achieve up to six times the corrosion resistance of conventional zinc plating.

Can you install an engine mounting system for boats yourself?

When a customer purchases engine mounts for boats, it is important to ensure installation is done correctly. Improper engine mount installation is often the cause of poor replacement engine mount performance. Replacing engine mounts for boats correctly ensures your investment is protected, avoids premature wear of the engine, prevents damage, and, most importantly, improves the overall customer experience.

What fixings are needed to attach an engine mount?

Stainless steel hardware doesn’t have the tensile strength and rigidity needed for most installations when securing the engine mounting systems to the stringer. The ideal fastener is grade eight mild steel to handle the expected loads, and washers should be thick and heavy-duty. All Poly Flex marine engine mounts come ready to install with suitable hardware.

Do Poly Flex engine mounting systems for boats come with installation instructions?

All Poly Flex engine mounts for boats are proudly designed, manufactured, and tested in-house. To ensure maximum strength, durability, and performance, all engine mounts are dispatched with installation guidelines that outline the process. For more information regarding our extensive engine mount range, please click here. Alternatively, contact us today.