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Engine Mounts For Commercial Vessels

Commercial boats come in all shapes and sizes, are the work horses on the water and are designed for a variety of tasks. This diversity means that mounts for boats need to be chosen carefully to suit the specific type of commercial vessel.

Common working vessels include but are not limited to:


A tugboat is a type of working boat designed to push/pull other vessels to another location or manoeuvre into position.


Barges are vessels that are designed to be loaded either on top or inside of it to carry a product to a location. They are either self-propelled or pushed/pulled by tugs.

Crew Boats:

Crew boats are designed to carry personnel to other locations. In most cases, crew boats also have large back decks that can accommodate deck cargo. They are also known as sea-going taxis.

Supply Boats:

Supply boats are designed to carry large amounts of deck cargo and have internal tanks for various liquid products for oil field rigs. They are known as sea-going trucks.

Fishing Vessels:

Fishing vessels are designed to accomplish various fishing activities. They vary in size and type depending on the intended fishery.

Patrol/Security Vessels:

Patrol/security vessels are designed to patrol the coast and enforce regulations. They are commonly used in harbour activities to enforce closures or keep unwanted vessels a safe distance from a location or ship.

Cargo Vessels:

Cargo vessels are used to transport various types of cargo all over the world.

Engine mounts for working boats are diverse, with different types, materials, and sizes available depending on the engine’s overall weight, horsepower, and the vessel’s use. Poly Flex analyses the engine set-up and tailors the engine mount to suit the working boat.

What are common engine mount problems commercial vessels experience?

Being aware of the common symptoms of damaged engine mounts for working boats will help vessels identify when maintenance work is on the agenda, allowing companies to get back on the water earning money faster. These can include:

  • Increased vibration.
  • Rough start.
  • A rough ride.
  • Excessive noise.
  • Visual wear.

Which marine engine mounts are suitable for large working boats?

Poly Flex’s high-quality, durable, and robust true propulsion engine mounts for working boats have controlled thrust and lateral deflection under propulsion load and inertia due to sea conditions. Poly Flex analyses the engine set-up and tailors our engine mounts to suit the working boat. This way, we can establish that the engine mount will work to its desired performance before installation.

Do engine mounts for commercial vessels need to be custom-made?

With over 1600 engine mounts for boat models, and workloads ranging from 10 to 2200 kilograms per mount, Poly Flex can assist with a commonly stocked item; however, should a custom engine mount be required, Poly Flex has the capacity to manufacture products to suit a customer’s requirements.

What is the standard delivery time for marine engine mounts for commercial vessels?

If the item is not already in stock, Poly Flex recommends allowing one to three business days for the manufacture and dispatch of engine mounts for boats.

Optimum performance from engine mounts for working boats!

Poly Flex engine mounts for boats are a high quality, high performance, durable and robust true marine propulsion mounting system designed with sufficient vertical deflection to obtain proven vibration isolation with minimum thrust and lateral deflection under load and inertia due to conditions.

Made from high-quality engineering-grade polyurethane, these mounts for boats prevent rust and are resistant to oil and fuel. They are designed to isolate vibration across the rev range without compromising the alignment of the driveline. The system is designed as a fail-safe system capable of holding the same weight inverted to avoid the engine tearing away from its anchor point in rough conditions or in the event of a capsize.

Poly Flex mounting systems for boats allow for easy replacement of the core and hardware, limiting the need to replace the whole unit. They control thrust in all directions due to the core design being 360 degrees and can handle shock upon impact due to a 400% stretch factor in the polyurethane base material. All the metal components are coated in SA5 Cobalt Zinc, inhibiting rust for extended life. Due to the polyurethane design, no electrolysis occurs between aluminium and steel structures.

All Poly Flex engine mounts for boats are Det Norske Veritas (DNV) type approved for vessels in survey. Poly Flex has been providing Australian-made quality and performance that is second to none since 1981, and with a strong focus on customer service, we hope to continue for many more years to come.

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