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What Happens If You Don’t Replace Engine Mounts?

A marine replacement mount’s primary mission is to ensure the engine is isolated from its generated vibrations and absorb any shock and vibration when the ship is sailing. The anti-vibration properties of a replacement mount are essential to prevent engine damage and improve the comfort of the ship’s passengers. But what happens if they aren’t replaced?

The longer the use and years in service of replacement mounts, the more damage the anti-vibration properties of them. This happens with all replacement mounts. Failure to replace the mounting system can cause damage to the marine engine itself, twist the propulsion shaft, cause inconvenience to the passengers or potentially be a flotation safety hazard if the engine is not correctly fixed to the vessel.

If replacement mounts are left unchanged, they can also damage other vessel components due to increased movement and vibration. Replacement mounts are vital to the overall health of your engine and vessel.

There are many replacement mounts on the market today. Poly Flex’s high-quality, durable and robust true propulsion replacement mounts have controlled thrust and lateral deflection under propulsion load and inertia due to sea conditions. Poly Flex analyses the engine set-up or equipment to be mounted and tailors the replacement mount and core durometer to determine the maximum levels of vibration and durability they can withstand. This way, we can establish how the replacement mount will perform before installation.

Made from a high-quality engineering grade polyurethane, these replacement mounts prevent rust and are resistant to oil and fuel. They are designed to isolate vibration across the rev range without compromising the alignment of the driveline. It is designed as a fail-safe system capable of holding the same weight inverted to avoid the engine tearing away from its anchor point in rough conditions or in the event of a capsize.

Poly Flex is proudly Australian-made and owned and has always focused on customer service and satisfaction. For more information regarding Poly Flex replacement mounts, click here. Contact us today to find out why Poly Flex should be your first choice when replacement mounts are needed.