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How Can I Reduce Gear Noise?

Damper drive plates, also known as gear noise reduction plates, are an out-of-sight, little known and sometimes misunderstood integral part of the drive train that could ruin your day if not maintained correctly. Located in the bell housing between the engine and transmission, the gear noise reduction plate is usually bolted on the transmission. Its purpose is to absorb or dampen the torsional vibration, impact, and noise coming from the engine. Without a gear noise reduction plate, the continuous pounding of the engine’s explosiveness could cause transmission chattering and possible damage to the transmission.

Poly Flex gear noise reduction plates are composed of two separate plates coated in SA5 cobalt zinc for maximum rust prevention and longevity, which are connected by polyurethane elastomer plates. The polyurethane elastomer plates are designed with various hardness heat-cured engineering polymer elastomer’s which have good heat resistance qualities and are not affected by salt water, diesel, or lubrication oils.

Poly Flex Noise Reduction Plates

The gear noise reduction plates are designed to suit engine setups varying from 80 to 1000Nm (engines up to 700 horsepower) and are designed to be a fail-safe product that will maintain the drive should the flexible element fail. Gear noise reduction plates come in several varying sizes and torsional rigidity. The correct drive plate is sized to the horsepower and torque of the engine setup.

Because of the location of gear noise reduction plates between the engine and transmission, it is impractical to inspect drive plates and usually requires nearly as much time and effort as replacing the whole unit. A normal service life for gear noise reduction plates should be roughly 2500 to 3500 hours. Elevated levels of vibration causing noise could be a telltale sign your gear noise reduction plate needs replacing.

Poly Flex manufactures a wide range of gear noise reduction plates that are continuously expanding. Poly Flex is a leading manufacturer and supplier located in Brisbane that has been supplying Australian-made gear noise reduction plates worldwide. For more information, including our entire stocked range, please click here.