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What Does SA5 Coating Do For Poly Flex Flywheel Damper Plates?

The main purpose of zinc plating is to protect metals from the effects of corrosion or rust. Zinc plated coatings are sacrificial coatings, meaning the coating sacrifices itself to protect the substrate underneath. As the coating oxidizes, the corrosion continues to provide protection.

All the metal components of Poly Flex fail safe damper plates are protected with an SA5 cobalt zinc coating. A few characteristics of the SA5 coating process include enhanced corrosion resistance for the base metal compared to traditional zinc plating of the same thickness. Additionally, brighter lustre is produced when the SA5 coating is applied. Electroplating SA5 to the metal results in a uniform ductility that will withstand up to six times the corrosion resistance of conventional zinc plating.

Poly Flex SA5 coated damper plates are used within the marine industry to absorb the gear noise and vibrations in the gearbox when used at a lower speed. Our SA5 coated damper plates have all replacement parts available; therefore, having the six times greater corrosion protection of SA5 coating allows customers to reuse parts for a greater life cycle.

SA5 coated damper plates are bolted together utilizing a threaded insert setup. SA5 produces a tough, durable finish with excellent lubricity and greater resistance to seizure. This is essential for the threaded connections in Poly Flex SA5 coated damper plates allowing customers to disassemble their flywheel damper plate with greater ease.

SA5 coated damper plates have a resistance to corrosion, meaning they are suitable for use in the most extreme of environments. Poly Flex, proud damper plate manufacturers and damper plate suppliers, uses SA5 coating on all products, including our vibration minimizing mounts, flexible gearbox couplings, steel shaft couplings, and flywheel damper plates.Please click here for more information regarding Poly Flex SA5 coated damper plates. For enquiries regarding our full range of SA5 coated damper plates Brisbane, please contact us today.