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Using Custom CNC Machining To Achieve Desired Results

Custom CNC Drawing

What Is Custom CNC Machining?:

Custom CNC Machining produces exact parts that would be nearly impossible or overly time-consuming to produce manually. Custom CNC machining can take various forms based on the specific needs of the customer, including CNC milling or turning. Machining custom CNC parts is a necessary manufacturing process ensuring customers are provided with a quality part produced efficiently.

How Custom CNC Machining Is Used To Produce Custom Flexible Couplings:

Along with Poly Flex’s extensive range of over 300 flexible couplings, we also help design and manufacture custom vibration dampening pads, commonly referred to as flexible couplings. Poly Flex has previously helped customers produce vibration dampening pads for a various range of equipment and machinery, including but not limited to the following:

Vibration Dampening Pad for A DEMAG 3 Ton Gantry Crane.
Vibration Dampening Pad for A 1940s LD Loader Tractor.
Jet Unit Flexible Couplings.
A Coupling Intended For A 153 HP Gardener 6L3 Engine Installed In A Tasmanian Government Train Built And Commissioned In 1948.
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Custom Dampening Pad For A Detroit Wood Cutter.

How Poly Flex Use CNC Machining For Our Vibration Isolation Mounts And How We Enhance The Production Of Engine Mounts With Custom CNC Machining:

Poly Flex design and manufacture all our vibration isolation mounts. The use of our top-of-the-line CNC machines and drawing programs is the first key step for any product, including our vibration isolation mounts. All Poly Flex products are drawn, and masters are precisely custom CNC machined to ensure all measurements are exact.

Custom CNC Drawing

Poly Flex takes pride in offering a one-stop shop for customers seeking a custom CNC solution to an issue. We focus on making sure the customer receives a product that will last longer than the original or any OEM replacement part at a reasonable price. Over the years, Poly Flex has re-kitted a wide range of mounting systems ranging in multiple different fields.

Different Times Poly Flex Helped Solve A Problem Using Custom CNC:

Custom CNC Plates for 6.5-ton Roller

This customer was unable to purchase replacement mounts for his 6.5-ton roller. Poly Flex custom CNC machined plates as per his sample provided and re-kitted them with 70 duro polyurethane solving his issue.

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Replacement Custom CNC Machined Plates

Poly Flex was honoured to have custom CNC machined and refurbished the original engine vibration isolation mounts for two M240 TI Perkins onboard the Admiral’s Barge. A vessel commissioned in 1993 to escort senior Australian officials and Foreign Dignitaries on ceremonial occasions, even servicing Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 2011.

Poly Flex truly is a one-stop shop for all your custom CNC manufacturing, helping from start to finish. Contact Us today to discuss how we can help you by providing quality Australian-made CNC machined parts at a reasonable price.