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How Poly Flex Utilises CNC Machining In Their Production Line.

CNC Machining Lathe

What Is CNC Machining?:

CNC stands for Computerized Numerical Control. CNC machining is a manufacturing process in which pre-programmed software and code dictate the movement of production equipment. CNC machining controls a range of complex machinery, such as grinders, lathes and turning mills, all of which are used to cut, shape, and create different custom CNC parts and prototypes.

What CNC Machines Do Poly Flex Utilise?

CNC Mill:

CNC mills run programs comprised of number- and letter-based prompts that guide pieces across various distances. Basic CNC mills consist of a three-axis system (X, Y, and Z), though most newer CNC mills can accommodate additional axes.

Poly Flex currently utilises a MicroCut M760 With A Forth Axis Vertical CNC Mill:

CNC Mill

CNC Lathe:

In lathe machines, pieces are cut in a circular direction with indexable tools. With CNC technology, the cuts employed by lathes are carried out with precision and high velocity. CNC lathes are used to produce complex designs and custom CNC parts that wouldn’t be possible on manually run lathes. Most CNC lathes consist of two axes (X and Y).

Poly Flex currently utilises a SMEC SL2500SY Lathe With A BARTEC Rapid Feed 880 Bar Feeder:

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CNC Lathe With Bar Feeder
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CNC Lathe Rapidfeed

Semi-CNC Lathe:

The key difference between a CNC and Semi-CNC machine is that CNC machines are completely automated, using programmed commands to control every aspect of the machine’s operation, while Semi-CNC machines require manual input at certain points in the machining process.

Poly Flex currently utilises a Harrison Alpha 460 Plus Semi-CNC Lathe:

Semi-CNC Lathe

CNC Machined Custom Solutions Manufactured By Poly Flex:

Poly Flex proudly designs and manufactures everything in-house at our Clontarf facility, including custom solutions for many customers ranging from non-standard length shaft couplings, coupling spacers, and cotton reel adaptors. By utilising our three CNC machines, we can produce custom products efficiently.

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Coupling Spacer
A group of metal cylinders  Description automatically generatedA metal cylinder with holes  Description automatically generated
A metal cylinder with holes  Description automatically generatedA metal cylinder with a hole  Description automatically generated
CNC Machined Custom Solutions

Poly Flex utilises CNC machining daily with all our in-house designed and manufactured products, including elements from our CNC machining process. We proudly design and manufacture anything from production line orders to custom one-off orders and prototypes. Contact Us today to discuss our extensive range of products or custom machining capabilities.