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Do Replacement Mounts For My Generator Reduce Vibration?

P#8.5F90-12-16(60) Gen Mount, Perfect Replacement Mounts For Generators
P#8.5F90-12-16(60) Gen Mount, Perfect Replacement Mounts For Generators

Poly Flex Group PTY LTD is an Australian company operating since 1981. We take pride in being Australian owned and operated, and over the years, we have expanded our product range and export capabilities. At Poly Flex, we specialise in designing and manufacturing high-quality replacement parts for generators, including engine mounts, that effectively reduce vibration.

As experienced engine mount suppliers based in Brisbane, Australia, we understand the importance of reducing vibration in generator systems. All our replacement engine mounts, specifically designed for generators, are developed and produced in-house. We strongly focus on customer service, ensuring our clients receive proper installation guidance and maintenance support for our gen-set replacement mounts.

Our generator replacement mounts are engineered to reduce vibration effectively and perform better. These mounts feature a robust structure and fabrication similar to adjustable mounting systems but without the adjusting stud. The design effectively controls both thrust and lateral deflection in all directions, contributing to your generator’s stable and vibration-free operation.

Vertical deflection, another crucial aspect of vibration reduction, is achieved through the style and engineering of the top core and washer assembly in our replacement mounts. This ensures that the mounts effectively absorb and dampen vibrations, giving your generator a smooth and steady operation.

We conduct thorough testing to ensure our generator replacement mounts meet the highest performance and reliability standards. We invested in a state-of-the-art testing machine that allows us to measure the weight capacity and generate graphs illustrating the performance characteristics of our gen-set replacement mounts. Regular testing is conducted to ensure compliance with DNV-type approval is achieved. All newly developed generator replacement mounts undergo rigorous testing to ensure their effectiveness in reducing vibration.

Poly Flex Generator Replacement Mounts

Poly Flex generator replacement mounts offer numerous benefits, making them an ideal choice for a reliable isolation system. Our mounts are designed with a fail-safe/captured design, utilising a lightweight engineering heat-cured polymer alloy that is resistant to rust. This ensures their durability and longevity in various operating conditions. Additionally, our mounts can handle shock on impact due to their 400% stretch factor in the base material. The absence of electrolysis between the aluminium and steel structures further enhances their performance. Furthermore, our generator replacement mounts can support the same weight even when inverted, providing flexibility in installation options.

When it comes to maintenance and replacement, Poly Flex offers convenient solutions. The vibration isolation cores in our mounts can be easily replaced when needed, eliminating the necessity for a complete mounting system replacement. Moreover, our generator replacement mounts are resistant to oil and diesel, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging environments. We also provide readily available replacement parts, ensuring minimal downtime for your generator system.

At Poly Flex, we are committed to delivering superior Australian-made quality and performance. All our generator replacement mounts are proudly designed, manufactured, and tested in-house, adhering to stringent quality control measures.

So, if you’re wondering whether replacement mounts for your generator can effectively reduce vibration, the answer is yes. Our designed and tested gen-set replacement mounts from Poly Flex are engineered to minimise vibration, providing a smoother, more stable operation for your generator system.

Please click here for more information on Poly Flex replacement mounts for generators, including core replacement and engine mount assembly procedures. If you have any inquiries regarding isolation mounting systems or need assistance choosing the right replacement mounts for your generator, please contact us today.