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Product Spotlight – Rudder Bearings

Rudder Bearings

Worldwide marine suppliers, Poly Flex Australia, are proud designers and manufacturers of rudder bearing and seal systems specifically for the marine environment. The moulded components are manufactured from Polénite™, and as high quality worldwide marine suppliers, Poly Flex developed this range of dry lubricant, engineering grade, heat cured polymer alloy that is stronger and more resilient than others on the market.

Poly Flex rudder bearing and seal systems are available in a wide range of shaft sizes that vary from 1” to 3”. They are also supplied in various configurations dependant on your requirements including full rudder bearing kits, replacement parts, and unmachined blanks.

Worldwide marine suppliers - Rudder bearings

Poly Flex’s full rudder bearing kit includes 500mm of Epoxy Tube, a Top Bearing, and a Bottom Bearing (either flanged or parallel). Longer Epoxy Tube lengths and multiple thickness wear washers are available upon request. In addition, metric sizes shown in the brackets above are available along with custom sizing options upon request. This has allowed Poly Flex to become worldwide marine suppliers and supply product for any project, big or small.

The Poly Flex rudder bearing and seal system is specifically manufactured for the marine environment with the extremely strong, dry lubricant impregnated polymer top and bottom bearings having nitrile ‘O’ rings and grease seals. Also, an all stainless steel grease nipple (including ball and spring) is installed in all our rudder bearing systems and they are supplied with a mandrel wound oven-cured pre-impregnated epoxy tube.

Poly Flex’s rudder bearing system offers boat builders some considerable advantages including alignment being achieved precisely and electrolysis being minimised as there are no dissimilar metals. Many boat builders also trust Poly Flex for vibration control products including our popular fail-safe marine damper plate made from a heat cured engineering polymer elastomer featuring heat resistance qualities resistant to the effects of salt water, diesel, or lubrication oils.

Poly Flex are trusted worldwide for our high quality marine products. While our core range was focused on marine applications such as marine engine mounts, damper plates for boats, and marine engine couplings, our experience has enabled us to branch beyond marine into many other industries. For all your Polymer Technology for vibration control in marine and other industries, look no further than Poly Flex.

For more information regarding Poly Flex Rudder Bearing and Seal Systems, including the recommended installation procedures, please click here. Alternatively, please contact us today for all your Rudder Bearing and Seal System enquiries.

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