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Why Our Flange Couplings Are Different Colours

Poly Flex Flange Couplings

Poly Flex are trusted flange coupling suppliers in Brisbane, Australia. Commencing in 1981 Poly Flex has continued to expand both their product range and areas of export. Poly Flex manufacture engine mounting systems, flexible flange couplings and steel shaft couplings which are all available with DNV Type Approval.

Poly Flex has over 300 flexible flange coupling models ranging from 10 horsepower to 2500 horsepower allowing quick response to customer requirements. Targeting excellence in product design and development allows Poly Flex to constantly expand their range. All products are proudly designed and manufactured in-house making Poly Flex trusted flange coupling manufacturers.

A flexible flange coupling provides a damper between the gearbox and output flange helping isolate torsional vibration and reduce shocks from forward and reverse gear changes. With an extensive range of flexible flange couplings Poly Flex covers a large percentage of gearboxes, including but not limited to, Twin Disc, ZF, Dong-I, Borg Warner, Bukh, Newage, Paragon, Technodrive, Volvo, and Yanmar.

Poly Flex flexible flange couplings are moulded from engineering heat cured polymer alloys meeting the highest standards. Poly Flex use various hardness polymer alloys to achieve the most desirable vibration control balanced with durability including:

  • 80A durometer (green) light duty
  • 90A durometer (red) medium duty
  • 95A durometer (light blue) heavy duty
  • 80D durometer (dark blue) super heavy duty

This allows Poly Flex to tailor a flexible flange coupling to customer requirements based on factors such as:

  • Vessel construction
  • Engine/Gearbox make and model
  • Engine horsepower
  • Engine RPM
  • Gearbox reduction ratio
  • Engine/Gearbox configuration
  • Vessel use

All flexible flange couplings are tested to determine the torque rating in Newton-Metre allowing Poly Flex to supply an appropriate hardness flexible flange coupling to suit any application. Poly Flex design all flexible flange couplings to be rated at 50%-70% maximum allowable static torque to allow for dynamic loads.

To ensure maximum strength, durability and performance all flexible flange couplings are dispatched with installation guidelines outlining the process and recommended torque settings for the bolts. Poly Flex flexible flange couplings are provided with all hardware necessary to install, meaning no further machining or bolting is needed between the existing flanges.

As a trusted flexible flange coupling supplier Poly Flex has a strong focus on providing great customer service and solutions for any application requiring advanced polymer technology for vibration control. Poly Flex are proudly Australian, designing and manufacturing all products in-house.

For more information regarding our extensive range of flexible flange couplings including our coupling/transmission cross reference, please click here.