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What Is A Drive Plate?

Drive plates, also commonly known as gearbox damper plates, are utilised throughout multiple industries for a large amount of machinery. They are a fundamental component in keeping machinery working efficiently. Drive plates work by absorbing noise and vibrations generated by the mechanical component. Drive plates are used within the marine industry to absorb the gear noise and vibrations of the gearbox when being used at lower speeds. The drive plate is attached to the flywheel with bolts and works by dampening vibration from the drive train using polyurethane elastomer plates.

During the life cycle of a drive plate, they are often subject to high levels of stress. If your drive train becomes noisy, there is a possibility the gearbox damper plate might need replacing. High levels of vibration could not only be causing excessive noise but also could lead to fatigue and cracks. Once cracks are present, further operation could lead to the entire drive plate failing. If the gearbox damper plate is improperly centred, that could be another sign of drive plates needing replacement. Regularly loosening the drive plate bolts and checking the gearbox damper plate is positioned correctly and that the bolting holes are not worn will help it operate efficiently and prolong the need for replacement.

The Poly Flex gearbox damper plate is designed to reduce gear noise, spline wear and to isolate torsional vibrations at lower speeds. This can be achieved by using polyurethane elastomer plates of varying hardness, suiting 80 to 1000Nm (engines up to 700 horsepower). The polyurethane elastomer plates are made from a heat-cured engineering grade polymer elastomer with good heat resistance qualities and aren’t affected by salt water, diesel, or lubrication oils. They are designed as a failsafe drive plate to maintain the drive should the flexible element fail. For the highest quality, all metal components of Poly Flex drive plates are SA5 cobalt zinc plated to inhibit rust and extend life.

Poly Flex manufactures a wide range of drive plates in Brisbane that are continuously expanding. At present, Poly Flex has five spline options and fourteen backing plates suiting a wide range of gearboxes. In addition to the readily available stock on hand, Poly Flex has the capability to custom manufacture special installation drive plates to suit different PCD patterns. Along with the three different hardness polyurethane elastomer plates, Poly Flex has the capability to provide customers with any requirements they have. Poly Flex is a leading drive plate manufacture and supplier, supplying Australian-made gearbox damper plates worldwide.For more information regarding our ever-growing drive plate range, please click here. For enquiries regarding custom installations, please contact us today.