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Shaft Couplings

Poly Flex Shaft Couplings are designed in our Brisbane facility and distributed throughout Australia and World-Wide. All our Shaft Couplings are CNC Machined. Poly Flex has a selection of standard shaft couplings in stock. We can also custom design and machine shaft couplings to your specifications.

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Shaft Coupling Variations

2x parallel clamp couplings with shaft machining, keyway cutting and a modified flange.

Parallel Clamp Steel Half Coupling

A parallel clamp steel half coupling is used for straight/parallel shafts. This half coupling can’t be used in a tapered shaft application. This coupling allows the clients to tighten the coupling onto the shaft using socket head cap screws through the body. This half coupling eliminates the use of a keyway or grub screw in smaller horsepower applications. Poly Flex has a standard stock of these couplings; however, we carry an extensive range of blank flange custom parallel clamp steel half couplings for custom manufacturing.

Pilot Bored Steel Half Coupling

A pilot bored steel half coupling is commonly used in tapered shaft applications; however, a straight/parallel shaft can be used with the utilisation of a keyway and/or grub screw. Poly Flex regularly manufactures custom pilot bored steel half couplings to suit the customer’s application.

A pilot bored steel half coupling.
A taper lock steel half coupling.

Taper Lock Steel Half Coupling

A taper lock steel half coupling is used for straight/parallel shafts in hard-to-reach/tight applications. This coupling allows the customer to tighten it to the shaft via four socket head cap screws found on top of the coupling. Poly Flex carries a standard stock of taper lock steel half couplings on the shelf and has blank flange couplings for custom applications.

Shaft Coupling Spacer Variations:

2x custom steel shaft coupling spacers to suit a ZF 325-1A gearbox.

Steel Shaft Coupling Spacers

Poly Flex carries standard stock of four-inch, five-inch and six-inch steel shaft coupling spacers on the shelf. However, we regularly custom manufacture spacers up to nine inches. Coupling spacers are used to make up room where the shaft can’t be moved. They are also commonly used in alignment procedures to replace the soft element where a flexible coupling is installed.

Shaft Coupling Adaptor Variations:

Steel Shaft Coupling Adaptor

Steel shaft coupling adaptor plates are commonly used in engine/gearbox swaps when customers don’t want to change their pre-existing shaft coupling arrangement. An adaptor plate uses one flange orientation on one side and another flange orientation on the other. This allows two different flange patterns to mate. Adaptor plates can also be used to fit a flexible coupling to high-power applications or flange patterns that have too many holes too close together, making a standard flexible coupling unachievable.

2x 8170 steel shaft coupling adaptors.
A custom cotton reel adaptor, 524 to 616 5/8” – 170mm face to face.

Custom Cotton Reel Adaptor

Custom cotton reel adaptors are used to take up gaps larger than a standard flexible coupling/coupling spacer allows. They range in various lengths and flange details, meaning they are custom-manufactured parts to suit a customer’s application. Custom cotton reel adaptors can have the same flange on either side or different flanges, depending on what the customer hopes to achieve.

Shaft Coupling Machining Variations:

A parallel clamp steel coupling with shaft machining.

Shaft Machining

All our shaft couplings are precision bored to suit the customer’s exact shaft size using an H7 Morse taper shank reamer, ensuring they match the exact specifications of each customer. The use of a reamer allows superior precision in hole diameter.

Keyway Cutting

Keyway cutting is an integral part of the overall performance of a steel half coupling. A key and the keyway make up a keyed joint to secure the shaft to the half coupling, preventing movement between the power transmitting component and the attached half coupling. A keyway is a recess in the shaft that receives the key and thus securely locks the component.

Parallel clamp steel couplings with shaft machining and keyway cutting.
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Parallel clamp steel coupling with shaft machining, keyway cutting, and grub screw.

Grub Screw

Grub screws are a type of fixing screw most used to join one component or part securely to another. The design of a grub screw allows a secure gripping or joining facility without the need for a nut, as opposed to the typical set-up found with most bolts.

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