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Hull To Deck Joining Systems

Poly Flex Hull to Deck Joining Systems are a fail-safe isolation mount providing vibration and electrical isolation of superstructure and wheelhouses from vessel hulls. Constructed from heat cured engineering polymer alloys with stainless-steel components to prevent rot and rust. These mounts can be tuned by changing the working core to suit different applications. Dimensions, including height, can be varied in some cases. Tested in all axes including inversion.

Frequently used in 

  • Pilot Boats
  • Crew Vessels
  • Ferries
  • Superstructure and Wheelhouses from Hull
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ModelWorkload (kg)ABCDE (PCD) mm / inchesFGIJ (min)K (overall)Weight (kg)Data Sheet
H/D6.8200 - 550160941313127 (5")-80-100-1.25
H/D6.8SQ200 - 550200 - 550140140111198 x 98-80-100-1.5
H/D12.51000 - 20002261381717180 (7")-125-112-2.85