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Information For Ordering Marine Engine Mounts, Marine Couplings and Marine Damper Plates

Every order to leave Poly Flex is designed and manufactured to suit the requirements of each customer. This takes into consideration everything from setup to vessel use, making Poly Flex preferred worldwide marine suppliers. Our customer service team is here to help you find the right product to suit your needs. From marine couplings, to damper plates for boats, inboard engine mounts and everything in between, we can help you to find the right products for your vessel and its use. Over years of taking countless numbers of product orders, we have found that the ordering process is much quicker and easier for both the sales team and the customer when our customers come to us equipped with some information about their vessel. This enables us to quickly and easily determine what marine engine mounts, marine couplings and marine damper plates are most suitable for you, and as such we can process your order in a timely manner. 

Perfecting installation of Poly Flex products demands experience, skill and coordination. Getting this balance right begins at the point of ordering. Read on to find out more about what information a customer can find out about their vessel prior to ordering to ensure you get the right products from Poly Flex. 

Mounting Systems and Engine Mounts for Boats:

Poly Flex manufactures high quality, durable and robust true propulsion engine mounts for boats with controlled minimum thrust and lateral deflection under propulsion load and inertia due to sea conditions.

When finding the appropriate mounting system for a customer’s application, we first determine what mount will be suitable. This is achievable by determining bolt centre/PCD (E), minimum adjustment height (J), and stud size (F). Once we determine what mount will be suitable for your application without modifications needing to be made, we determine a suitable core hardness. Poly Flex analyses the set-up, taking into consideration the total weight, gearbox arrangement, and vessel use (either commercial or pleasure), and tailor a core to isolate the maximum levels of vibration and durability.

Marine Engine Mounts

Marine Couplings 

Poly Flex manufactures and supplies different marine couplings for a wide range of engine types. 

Flexible Couplings:

At Poly Flex, we are experienced coupling suppliers for boat owners. Our flexible disc transmission couplings provide a damper between the gearbox and propeller shaft to isolate torsional vibration from the engine and gearbox.

Poly Flex flexible couplings come in two bolt to twelve bolt variations and can be manufactured in four polyurethane durometer grades. When determining what flexible marine couplings will suit your application, we find out gearbox make and model or pre-existing coupling make and model. This allows us to use the cross-reference sheets found on our website. If a gearbox make or model is unknown or measurements need confirming, we may ask for the flanges bolt circle diameter/PCD (F), number of bolts and bolt size, and flange index ring/spigot size and orientation (E). Once we are able to determine the flexible marine coupling needed to suit your set-up, we use the horsepower, gearbox reduction ratio, and RPM to determine the torque rating in Nm. We also consider the vessel’s use, either commercial or pleasure. Once all this information is available, we can supply an appropriate hardness coupling to suit your application.

marine couplings

Shaft Couplings:

Poly Flex half couplings and coupling spacers are a steel mating component connecting to the output shaft.

Similar to our flexible couplings, the gearbox make and model allows us to determine what half coupling is needed. If that is unknown or measurements need confirming we ask for PCD, bolt hole clearance, spigot diameter and spigot type. Once we have determined what half coupling flange is needed, we look at what type of shaft coupling to supply. Poly Flex offers three shaft couplings for different applications. Straight shafts often use a parallel clamp variant and tapered shafts need a solid pilot bored variant. We also offer taper lock shaft couplings for short, tight to reach applications. If needed, Poly Flex also offers shaft machining, keyway cutting and tapped grub screws which we determine upon order and manufacture to the customers application.

half couplings

Damper Drive Plates:

The Poly Flex damper drive plate was developed to reduce gear noise and to isolate vibrations at slow speeds.

When determining the appropriate marine damper plate for a customer’s application, we find out the front plate spline type and the backing plate OD, PCD, and hole configuration. We also determine the thickness of the old damper plate being replaced allowing us to modify our damper drive plate if needed to suit the customers application. Once we know what damper drive plate is needed, we determine what core hardness to supply. This is determined using horsepower and RPM to find the Nm and tailoring the core based on plate sizing. If you are looking for damper plates for boats, you can be assured that Poly Flex will be able to assist you find the right product for your vessel.

Marine Damper Plates

Poly Flex are experienced worldwide marine suppliers, having manufactured and supplied polymer marine mounts, marine couplings, and damper plates for boats for over 30 years. From our experience, we know that customers equipped with the right information about their vessel can make the product ordering a simple process. Taking all the above information into account when placing an order will enable Poly Flex to ensure you are receiving the right products, and we can streamline your delivery. It is always important to order as early as possible to allow the team adequate time to manufacture your order, however most items are commonly stocked. For any enquiries or to place an order, please contact us today.

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