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Ring Power

St. Augustine, Florida, United States

Marine Engine Mounts USA

Poly Flex understands the demand for quality marine engine mounts in the USA. Poly Flex marine engine mounts are all vigorously tested, ensuring they meet the highest quality and standard before exporting to the American market. Through Poly Flex’s American Distributor Ring Power in St Augustine, Florida, the customer’s engine set-up or equipment to be mounted will be analysed to tailor the perfect core assembly to maximize vibration isolation and load carrying capability. Poly Flex can export a large range of mounting systems to the USA with minimal wait time. 

Flexible Couplings USA

Poly Flex’s Australian production of precision flexible couplings for our USA distributor Ring Power in St Augustine, Florida, has filled the gap for an advanced product that can be manufactured and exported to the American market without long wait times. Poly Flex manufactures all flexible couplings in-house, allowing the capability to custom CNC manufacture a range of coupling bolt configurations. 

Half Couplings USA 

Poly Flex steel half couplings, coupling spacers and custom CNC machined cotton reel adaptors are in high demand in the American market for both commercial and pleasure use. All metal components are plated in SA5 cobalt zinc, ensuring maximum corrosion resistance and durability. Ring Power in St Augustine, Florida, USA, supplies the American market with Poly Flex half couplings which are a steel mating component to be used between the gearbox and the output shaft; in some applications, they can also be paired with Poly Flex flexible couplings.