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Foley Cat

Hammonton, New Jersey, United States

Marine Engine Mounts USA

Foley Cat, our New Jersey distributor based in Hammonton, supplies the USA with Poly Flex marine engine mounts. Poly Flex Marine engine mounts USA are predominantly used in both commercial and pleasure applications. Custom CNC marine engine mounts are available for shipping to the USA market to suit any application specifications and are manufactured by Poly Flex in-house at the Australian factory.

Flexible Couplings USA

Flexible couplings are supplied to the American market from our distributor Foley Cat. Poly Flex has an extensive range of flexible couplings from 2 bolt to 12 bolt products and the ability to manufacture custom coupling bolt holes. Flexible couplings will provide a damper between gearboxes and the propeller shaft to isolate torsional vibration from the engine and gearbox. While designed for marine use, these flexible couplings are used in industrial driveline applications across the American market 

Half Couplings USA 

Supplied across the USA market, Poly Flex steel half couplings are used in various commercial and pleasure applications. Our steel half couplings are designed and CNC machined with the ability to customise the shaft, keyway and add a grub screw in our Australian based factory. Half couplings are plated with SA5 cobalt zinc for maximum corrosion resistance and durability prior to shipping to the USA.