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Elite Diesel Service

Kemah, Texas, United States

Marine Engine Mounts USA

Through our distributor Elite Diesel Service in Kemah, Texas, Poly Flex efficiently supplies marine engine mounts to the USA. These marine engine mounts USA are designed for applications in both commercial and leisure marine engines. Poly Flex offers the capability to custom CNC marine engine mounts tailored to your specifications and ensures timely delivery to various locations across the USA.

Flexible Couplings USA

Flexible Couplings are used in many applications throughout the USA. Poly Flex produces a diverse selection of flexible couplings designed for the American market encompassing 2 bolt to 12 bolt variations whilst also supplying tailor-made custom Flexible Coupling bolt holes. 

Half Couplings USA 

Utilized widely across the United States, Steel Half Couplings are mating components that are used between the gearbox and the output shaft with or without a Flexible Coupling. Poly Flex is a marine manufacturer that supplies an array of Half Couplings tailored for the American market in commercial and leisure applications. For maximum corrosion resistance and durability, all steel half coupling components are coated in SA5 cobalt zinc prior to exporting to the USA.