17 August 2017

I replaced the original 18 year old Yanmar engine mounts on my 2GM20F with the polyflex Y#2CFT. One of the Yanmar mounts had rusted so badly I was concerned it was going to break. I also felt engine movement was excessive. While running the engine up through the revs there were a number of resonance issues where the vibration to the boat was a lot greater than other engine revs. This is not unusual but just annoying.

I must admit to being hesitant on replacing the original types of mounts but the Yanmar design is not fail safe and the rust issues led to try something else, hopefully better.

The polyflex mount looks beautifully engineered and won't suffer the issues of the Yanmar design.

Installation was simple. I supported the engine in a neutral position and replaced each mount one at a time. The two fixing bolts to the boat were removed followed by the two engine bracket bolts enabling the mount to slide out. The new mount was installed in the same way ensuring the mount height was correct, was vertically loaded and not twisted. When all the all the mounts had been replaced and engine support removed the prop shaft alignment was checked by unbolting and checking that the alignment was perfect using feeler gauges when the flange was pulled slightly a part. The installation took about 3 hours could do it far quicker now that I know what to do.

On starting the engine it was immediately obvious that the vibration to the hull was very slight and had been dramatically improved. Running it up though the revs there were no noticeable resonance issues and vibration remained very slight. At the same time I had done the usual annual service on the engine that I can't see influencing the vibration.

In summary, I believe these engine mounts provided significant improvement in vibration isolation and so highly recommend.

Alan Lacopi (Operations Director)
Queensland Micro and Nanotechnology Centre
Giffith University - Nathan Campus

13 August 2009

Well, where did the summer go? Finally got out of the water to fix some prop problems and completed changing my engine mounts for the new ones.

The difference is fantastic! No other words can describe the change, as I thought all was not too bad before, as the Yanmar 3GM30(F) is a pretty smooth little number anyway. However, just swapping the old mounts with the new, checking the measurements, but they were all the same, and with the AquaDrive which means you don't HAVE to be perfectly in-line, there is no noise, vibration, and at 2k revs, it's like a little sewing machine. At max chat, 3.4k, it's just a hum!

I did have to increase the tick-over revs by about 50 as the cooker and table now had a sympathetic rattle, but apart from that, all is better than I could have thought.

Thanks to PolyFlex, you, the supplier for providing with hassle-less speed and efficiency, and to the P.B.O. for doing the article in May, I think, to tell me about Polyflex.

Peter Jennings


04 September 2006

When I visited the Sydney boat show recently you recommended I purchase your engine mounts and brackets for my Volvo 2003T on my boat. I must admit to being skeptical about this as a solution to the vibration problems I had. You sent the parts to Laguna Quays where my Sydney based boat was and a few days ago I installed them.

Yesterday we left the marina for the first time since the installation and I was just blown away by the improvement it made to the engine noise and vibration.

Thank you for this product and your service. I find that some sales peoples promises do not always materialize but this has certainly not be the case with Poly Flex.

Phil Whitburn

30 June 2002

In the past 3-4 years we have sold and installed your Poly Flex couplings, and mounts, on three occasions. and now after much use are very pleased with them. I have proudly demonstrated the effectiveness of these installations to others.

Our Company Tailormaid Marine Industries P. L. have remanufacturing contacts in the northern hemisphere, One in particular builds in excess of 300 cruising yachts per year ranging 34' to 66'. Is it in your interest for us to bring to their attention with demonstrations of your Poly Flex?, the aim being for them to consider incorporation in their production line?, at least optional to begin.

Our company is not interested in manufacture, and installations anymore, but we are interested in finding direct customers for you at a confirmed agreed ongoing 7% commission.

Our 55 Bounty is presently at Breakwater Marina Townsville.

We plan to have Bounty at Bundaberg Port after 30 September.

Bernard S Taylor

07 May 2000

I refer to your products, Recently supplied for our new vessel, Amaroo 2000.

The new boat is completely vibration free and runs smooth as silk at 17 knots.

This is of great credit to your products considering the bvessel is aluminium with 2 Diesel motors.

In due course could you confirm the reference numbers for:

  1. Flexible Couplings
  2. Engine/Gearbox Mounts
  3. House to Hull Mounts

Thanks again for your help and advice.

Bill Coome (Skipper)
Amaroo Criuses - Forster NSW