Ausmarine Awards




Poly Flex is proud to announce that we have been awarded as Australia's top vibration and noise minimisers for 3 years in a row.

It is always a pleasure to hear of an Australian manufactured product of the highest quality that is competitively priced and widely exported.

Another good reason for choosing Poly Flex couplings and engine mounts is the vast range of over 2,000 mounts and 250 couplings, as well as and many other custom-designed parts.

The products are formed from specially heat-cured and engineered polymer alloys that are first moulded then precision machined. The whole process from moulding, metal machining, CNC operations and all stages of manufacturing are carried out in Poly Flex's Southeast Queensland factories.

Poly Flex's cost advantage is not just the product's initial price. Unlike most mounts, the polymer is not bonded to steel. This is one of the reasons that worn Poly Flex mounting systems can be rebuilt rather than scrapped and replaced individual components can be renewed.


DNV Certification




Australian Company, Poly Flex Group Pty Ltd, located in Brisbane, Queensland are manufacturers of Engine Mounting Systems and Shaft Couplings, suitable for the Marine, Industrial, Agricultural, Defence & Mining Industries.

Det Norske Veritas is a Norwegian based classification society that in the industry is referred to as DNV, a well respected leader of manufacturing procedures and standards that is accepted by class approval societies and approving bodies world wide.

Poly Flex have achieved DNV "Type Approval" for the Couplings and Engine Mount range, after extensive testing, inspection and reporting procedures. This now qualifies Poly Flex product to move from DNV product certification on a project basis to Type Approval for the product range. Poly Flex strives for excellence in design and performance, either in survey or not, the quality and standard of our vibration control product is now accepted world wide with the added assurance of DNV "Type Approval".


Poly Flex Profile


Music to the Ears

Many say that a successful company is like music to the ear, but in the case of Brian Gagen it was music to the ear that has made his company the success it is today.

Brian Gagen is Managing Director of Brisbane based Poly Flex, manufacturers of a large range of anti-vibration engine mounting systems and couplings for the marine, industrial, agricultural, mining and power generation industries. Brian was also a household name in the hay days of rock-n-role back in the 50's and 60's. He is an accomplished woodwind musician, especially as a saxophonist.

Brian's first band, the Rhythm Rockers, started playing at the Osborne Hotel in Sandgate when he was in his mid-teens.He was invited to try out for the Hucklebucks, a well band of the rock-n-roll era and spent a couple of years with them. Following the break up of the Hucklebucks he along with former members formed a group called the Planets. The bands were regulars on the Saturday night TV shows of the time.

It was Brian's ear for music that has helped Poly Flex become a well reconognised name when it comes to vibration dampening.The tones of many instruments are produced by vibrations and tuning these instruments is done by varying the vibrations. Resonance is very important in the physics of music.Whenever the vibrations of one object cause a second object to start vibrating, the second object is said to be resonating with the first, and its vibrations can be called sympathetic vibrations. The largest, most obvious part of the instrument - the bell of a saxophone for example, is just the main resonator, and this resonating part of the instrument determines, or helps to deternnine, sound including tone quality, timbre, and dynamic capabilities.