Best Engine Mount Supplier

 Poly Flex - Best Engine Mount Supplier 3 Years in a Row - 2012, 2013, 2014.


It is always a pleasure to hear of an Australian manufactured product of the highest quality that is competitively priced and widely exported.
Another good reason for choosing Poly Flex couplings and engine mounts is the vast range of over 2,000 mounts and 250 couplings, as well as and many other custom-designed parts.
The products are formed from specially heat-cured and engineered polymer alloys that are first moulded then precision machined. The whole process from moulding, metal machining, CNC operations and all stages of manufacturing are carried out in Poly Flex's Southeast Queensland factories.
Poly Flex's cost advantage is not just the product's initial price. Unlike most mounts, the polymer is not bonded to steel. This is one of the reasons that worn Poly Flex mounting systems can

can be rebuilt rather than scrapped and replaced individual components can be renewed.
For the most part, Poly Flex products are replacements for failed original equipment, rather than original equipment themselves. The typical response from customers after fitting a replacement Poly Flex mount is how much quieter and less vibration prone their vessel has become. This comes as no surprise to Poly Flex, which has gone to a great deal of trouble to ensure such an outcome.
Poly Flex meets DNV-type approval for most of its product range (plus defence industry approval) and are fitted to both new and replacement installations worldwide.
Jason Cooper, Poly Flex's general manager, says that noise and vibration suppression have had an increasing priority as engines of a given output have

have become lighter and engines generally have been exponentially up rated. This has been concurrent with an overall lightening of vessel structures.
Poly Flex's research and development has not only been about replacing original equipment, but combating the effects of increased mechanical aggravation.
There is no good reason why Poly Flex mounts and couplings should be replacements rather than originals. When specifying motors and shafts for a new vessel, Poly Flex can be specified. Poly Flex guarantees that results will be at least as good, and the cost will be lower.
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Poly Flex, Queensland.
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By Mike Brown - Ausmarine Magazine